Billiard House first started trading in Canberra in 1974. One half of the partnership was Arno Davis who worked for the most famous and well respected billiard company in Sydney, Herion & Smith. When Arno decided to move to Canberra with his family it certainly made for some big changes in the mid 70’s.

<h2>Arno Davis</h2>

Arno Davis

Founder of Billiard House

<h2>Gerry Silvano</h2>

Gerry Silvano

Current Owner

<h2>Karl Silvano</h2>

Karl Silvano

Third generation

The Canberra business steadily grew with the original partnership eventually dissolving. With his commitment to hard work, Arno’s incredible trade skills made him very sought after with all Clubs and Pubs using his repair and upholstery skills. His fairness with pricing and extensive professional skills made him very well respected for his honesty and integrity.

In early 1990 Arno’s son in law, Gerry Silvano, joined the business. Over time Gerry established himself as a very capable apprentice and later as a skilled tradesman. Young and strong he was more than capable of handling the heaviest of tables under Arno’s expert guidance.

In 1997 Arno turned 60 and decided to retire and become a grey nomad. Gerry & Monika Silvano took over the business and focused on expanding the retail side of the business. Expanding both the range of colours and model choice this was a very successful strategy. Gerry & Monika supplied over a thousand quality slate tables over a 13 year period. Their emphasis was on quality and they selected their main supplier in Sydney with that same emphasis. Their tables featured Italian slate, hardwood timbers, English cloth and quality production which made for a very impressive finished product.

Our showroom  has been relocated to our residence in Nicholls. The business have now evolved with market trends to provide a niche range of refurbished billiard tables.  We can offer quality hardwood and Italian slate products at realistic prices ,avoiding  all the pitfalls associated with poor quality Chinese flat pack imported products.  Our aim is to provide hassle free quality refurbished tables, delivered ready for play. This is our commitment and passion.

We also provide an expert recovering and relocation service. We are uniformed, courteous and always professional.

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