Re-Clothing and Re-Rubbering

All snooker and billiard tables will deteriorate over time and with use. Tears can happen, spilled food or drink can ruin tablecloths and with even careful use cloths will eventually lose their “nap” and become threadbare. Billiard House can bring your table back to specification with our extensive, on-site table re-clothing and re-rubbering service. With tablecloth replacements we insist on only using high quality English cloth. All work is thoroughly professional. Table levels are also checked and adjusted if required. If rubber cushions fail and re-bound performance is poor, we will advise you of this and we can fit new rubbers.


Over time many things such as pocket nets and leathers can become worn and defective. Sometimes even slates get accidentally broken. Table legs get kicked and over time will begin to look dowdy. This may involve respraying and refurbishing your table in our fully equipped workshop. We can inspect your table and provide you with an obligation free quote on what will be required to bring your table back to pristine condition.

Table Assembly

Have you purchased a secondhand table recently or perhaps taken delivery of a new flat-pack table from overseas? If so then we can help you set up and/or (re) assemble your table as is should be for maximum enjoyment. Call us for a quotation.


Are you planning on moving your table to another area in your home? Perhaps you are moving to a new location. Are you selling or buying a table? If so then you will need help dismantling and re-assembling your table so that it does not get damaged during the moving process and, when reassembled, it functions to specification. Our fully experienced staff and specialist removal vehicles make this heavy lifting task as easy as wink.

General Table Maintenance Services

We offer a range of general table maintenance services including:

  • Brushing the cloth
  • Replacing table spots and re-marking the lines
  • Ironing the cloth
  • Check all bolts and screws and tightening them as required
  • Table level is checked and if required adjusted
  • If required re tip cues, re-fit rest heads to handles etc.
  • Report any problems to the customer

Insurance Quotes

For any insurance quotes please ring or email