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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if a drink has been split? How about a tear? 2016-08-10T03:38:06+00:00

Dab-up spilled liquids immediately with a clean absorbent cloth or sponge. Don’t rub! If already stained book us in for a service call as we may be able to help. Small tears can be very finely cotton cross stitched, don’t glue down cloth. Larger tears will require cloth replacement.

How do I know if my cushion rubbers needs changing? 2016-08-10T03:37:31+00:00

As a general rule rubbers with frequent use will last approximately 20 years. If the ball jumps / leaps when it strikes cushion or there is a dull thud when ball makes contact with cushion it may be time to call us, the professionals, we can give you a full report.

How do I look after my table? 2017-11-28T10:42:24+00:00

Brushing with the direction of the cloth ‘nap’ is very important. This will promote cloth longevity and improve performance. Clean timber work with a good quality non silicone based furniture polish. Don’t leave balls in pocket nets. Don’t leave items on table when not playing to avoid leaving pressure marks on cloth. Keep cue tips in good condition. Keep table covered with a dust-cover as dust can quickly accumulate and sunlight can eventually fade cloth and timber work. All these products are available please enquire.

What is the best cloth to use? 2016-08-10T03:35:21+00:00

Most players and Billiard Companies would agree the finest cloths come from West of England. Popular colours are green, burgundy and blue but there are many other colours available to match any decor. Colour samples available.

How much room do I require around a billiard table? 2017-11-28T10:42:24+00:00

The following table may be of assistance.

Table Size   Room Size (Meters)   Room Size (Feet)
6′ x 3′   4.60m x 3.70m   15′ x 12′
7′ x 3’6″ ( Pub Size )   4.90m x 3.85m   16′ x 12′ 6″
8′ x 4′ ( 1/2 size )   5.20m x 4.00m   17 x 13
9′ x 4’6″  ( ¾ Size )   5.50m x 4.15m   18′ x 13′ 6′
10′ x 5′ ( American Full-size )   6.10m x 4.60m   20′ x 15′
12′ x 6′ ( English Full-size )   7.31m x 5.50m   24′ x 18′